The Hallam Lourdes Pilgrimage is part of the Diocese of Hallam.


The first Diocesan Pilgrimage took place in May 1982. Since then, people from all over the Diocese of Hallam have joined in Pilgrimage to Lourdes together each year. Old age, disability, frailty and ill health does not prevent anyone from joining the Pilgrimage. From the young, the elderly, the healthy and those with health problems - we all serve each other in different ways.


Our Pilgrimage includes a willing group of volunteers - including doctors, nurses, adult helpers and young people - who are there to provide assistance on the journey and in Lourdes. Our helpers volunteer their time freely with many returning year after year, maintaining the close friendships formed on Pilgrimage. 


If you would be interested in volunteering as a helper, please email hallamlourdespilgrimage@gmail.com or get in touch with us at 01302 247910.

The dates for our 2021 Pilgrimage are Friday 25th June to Thursday 1st July.


We hope to see you then.

Alex Prior

Pilgrimage Director

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View our Daily Blogs for a taste of what we would have been doing in Lourdes and our alternative activities during our Virtual Pilgrimage. These Blogs were all available for our Virtual Hallam Lourdes Pilgrimage 2020 and accompany our Programme of activities.

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