Diocese of Hallam

Lourdes Pilgrimage

Friday 24th June - Thursday 30th June 2022

Welcome to the Diocese of Hallam Lourdes Pilgrimage 

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Our 2022 Pilgrimage dates are Friday 24th June to Thursday 30th June 2022

Email:- hallamlourdespilgrimage@gmail.com  Telephone:- 07724 650066 or 01302 247910

Questions & Answers re 2022 Pilgrimage

1.    Do I have to be fully vaccinated in order to travel ?

       Yes - everyone participating will need to be fully vaccinated (i.e. the vaccination recommended by the Joint Committee on         Vaccination and Immunisation and available to their age group) as at the date of travel.  By June 2022 this is likely to be               double vaccination and booster for all aged over 16.  We regret that for 2022 we will be unable to take anyone who is               eligible for vaccination but has not received it.

2.    Do the UK or French governments require me to take a test before leaving the UK, on arrival in France or before returning

       to the UK ?

       Following the outbreak of Omicron, UK citizens were not able to enter France until 15th January 2022.  That has now                   changed and travel IS permitted. As at the time of writing (16th January 2022), the requirements for fully vaccinated                     passengers are: a test within 24 before before departure & a test within 48 hours of arriving back in the UK.  There is                   no requirement for any test in France. A lateral flow test can be done at home for both tests, but need to be certified by a           recognised provider, and not the NHS lateral flow. The cost is currently below £20.  It is very possible that the test 24                   hours before departure will not be required by June 2022 as it was introduced for UK passengers in order to facilitate the           reopening of travel (fully vaccinated EU citizens do not have to provide a test).  That would leave the test after arrival back           in the UK, and it is quite possible that the UK government will remove that requirement in the coming weeks.  This page             will be updated as things change - this is intended to give you a guide of what applies now and we are confident that there         will be less testing by June 2022.  If testing is required we will help signpost you to easily accessible and low cost tests, but         it may be that none are required by either government by June 2022.

3.    Does the UK government require me to take a test at any point?

       The only test currently required by the UK is a lateral flow test  after you arrive back in the UK (costing under£20) which                you can do in your own home, and has to be carried out within 48 hours of arriving back into the UK (so before the                      afternoon of Saturday 2nd July 2022).  This must be booked before you leave the UK as you will need the reference                      number.  It is possible that the UK government will remove this requirement in the next few weeks.

4.    Do I have to fill in any forms ?

       There is a simple declaration to fill in before you arrive in Lourdes, for the French government.  We will provide pilgrims 

       with that.  Currently, the UK government require a "UK Passenger Locator Form" to be filled in before returning to the UK.           The form is online and can be started before leaving the UK and completed within the 48 hours before arriving back.  The            government announced that this form will be required until "at least the New Year".  It may or may not still be required                by June 2022.  If it is, we will provide you with one document with all the information that you need to complete that                  form so that it is all in one place.  The one piece of information you will need to have with you is the reference number for          the lateral flow test that you have booked for when you get home. Whilst the form is each pilgrim's responsibility, we will            provide help and guidance on this in Lourdes for those who require it.

5.    How do I get a "Vaccination Passport"

        You can download the "Vaccination Passport" through the NHS App on your phone (from Apple Store or Google Play) or from            the NHS website. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/get-digital-covid-pass/ 

        These will now show your booster too.  Alternatively, you can ring 119 and receive a copy by  post,  which is accepted for                  travel and in France.  We suggest you do not ring 119 yet as it will be better to get it nearer the time.  

6.    What if the situation changes and the UK or French governments restrict travel ?

        We hope that will not be the case, particularly as we are travelling in the Summer when things are better, but if this                      happens then the pilgrimage will be cancelled and a full refund given.

7.    Does travel insurance cover Covid-19 ? 

       Generally yes. If you have your own travel insurance policy then you should check this with your insurer.  If you take out             insurance through the pilgrimage then full Covid-19 cover is included, which would also cover you if you were unable to           travel because you tested positive just before departure.

8.    What is the situation like in Lourdes ?

       The Sanctuary and hotels have put in place a range of measures to mitigate against Covid-19 and a number of                               pilgrimages have travelled successfully in recent months.  The local vaccination rates around Lourdes are very high, with             96% of the local population vaccinated.  The number of cases in Lourdes has been very low.  Currently masks are

       required in the Sanctuary, including around the Grotto.

9.    Do I need a Visa or the new ETIAS to travel to France ?

       Currently, British passport holders do not need a visa to enter France.  The only restriction is that you must not spend                 more than 90 days out of 180 consecutive days in the EU.  A new scheme (ETIAS) is being introduced before the end of               December 2022 but is highly unlikely to be in operation when we travel in June so we do not expect any visa process to             follow for the 2022 pilgrimage.  If it is introduced before 30th June 2022 we will signpost you on how to obtain this. EU               passport holders will not need a Visa.  Other passport holders should check the  visa requirements that apply.

Updated: 16th January 2022